4.0.7 (Released 2016-08-31)

  • Update diagnostic report page to handle OS X Secure Transport incompatibility bug exposed by FileMaker Sever 15 setting curl.cainfo in php.ini by default.

4.0.6 (Released 2016-07-28)

  • Update Mac OS X installer FMS version detection routine to resolve rejection of FMS 13 where patch level is greater than minimum required.

4.0.5 (Released 2016-07-27)

  • Update Mac OS X installer for installation on worker machine of a two machine deployment.

4.0.4 (Released 2016-06-12)

  • FileMaker Server 15 detection.
  • Update Mac OS X installer for FMS 15.

4.0.3 (Released 2016-05-18)

  • Improve SSL instructions in report page.

4.0.2 (Released 2016-04-21)

  • Detect and allow for Apache versions with buggy rewrite causing redirection failure during configuration.

4.0.1 (Released 2016-03-22)

  • Handle alternate http/https ports and/or port-forwarding scenarios in report page.

4.0.0 (Released 2016-03-11)

  • Handle searching on repetitions where submitted search field contains an index.
  • Allow container data to be read (and base64 encoded) by using a RFMcontainer=base64 query string parameter on record and layout level read operations.
  • Fix diagnostic tracing to include all chained exceptions.
  • Support complex layout queries/finds through an SQL subset via the RFMfind query string parameter.
  • Include PHP memory_limit and post_max_size metadata for validated requests.
  • Mac OS X installer and uninstaller for OS X Mavericks onwards and FileMaker Server 13v5 onwards.

3.4.0 (Released 2015-05-07)

  • Experimental PDO: MySQL improvements.
  • Move .dict format internal to RESTfm and add import handling. Import was not possible with XSL 1.1.
  • Disable execution profiling output when diagnostics is disabled.
  • Add data dumping as a diagnostic aid.
  • RESTfm released as Open Source under The MIT Licence (see LICENSE file).
  • RESTfm Version Control System moved to git (hosted on GitHub).
  • Fix report.php FMS connection diagnostic for FMS11 compatibility.

3.3.0 (Released 2015-02-20)

  • Execution profiling info: Real/wall time (ms), Peak mem usage, Max mem limit.
  • Experimental PDO support for alternate database backends. Currently MySQL is supported.
  • Fix "change user" link when using html format to prevent cancel loop.
  • RESTfmSync additions and fixes (see code/RESTfmSync/CHANGELOG).

3.2.0 (Released 2015-01-20)

  • FileMaker 13v5 support.
  • Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) support.
  • Cleanup code warnings on newer PHP.
  • Prevent error logs being served to clients when diagnostics is disabled.
  • RESTfmSync code updated (3.2.0).
  • Improved FileMaker Server detection in report.
  • Update SSL checks in report for changes in libcurl.
  • New configuration options to control strict SSL certificate checking between RESTfm and FileMaker Server, and in report self checks.

3.1.1 (Released 2014-10-22)

  • Add RFMsquash2XX flag to return HTTP 200 for any 2XX response.
  • Fix bug where unique-key-recordID returns 200 OK instead of 401 Unauthorized.
  • RESTfmSync remove unused code and update documentation.

3.1.0 (Released 2014-09-16)

  • Significant speed improvements to RESTfmSync.
  • Improve RFMformat parameter to allow override of application/x-www-form-urlencoded HTTP Content-type header.
  • Fix Container handling for Record level Read operation.

3.0.2 (Released 2014-04-28)

  • Fix RFMkey bug.

3.0.1 (Released 2014-04-09)

  • Workaround processing of HTTP POST ARGS for BaseElements plug-in.

3.0.0 (Released 2014-03-06)

  • FileMaker 13 support.
  • Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) support.
  • Major refactor and modularisation of RESTfm core.
  • Add support for field repetitions.
  • Move .simple format internal to RESTfm and add import handling. Import was not possible with XSL 1.1.
  • Support any RESTfm import format embedded within an "RFMdata" field of a HTTP application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data POST. Requires an accompanying "RFMformat" field specifying the embedded data format.
  • Bug fix: ensure diagnostics includes a User Agent string to properly identify RESTfm as the source of HTTP connections.
  • Add an "echo" service URI (when "diagnostics" is enabled) as an aid in checking data is correctly formatted when submitted to RESTfm.
  • Bulk operations handling. Multiple operations of the same type may now be bundled into the one HTTP transaction, greatly reducing cumulative latency for many small transactions.
  • Add "RFMfixFM02" flag to support FM13 httppost: (Insert From URL) additional encoding requirements.
  • Extend "RFMformat" function to allow mismatched import and export formats. i.e. data may be submitted in XML, and the response returned in JSON.
  • Add "RFMsuppressData" flag on POST/CREATE operations to suppress data section in response.
  • Various updates to report.php diagnostic information.
  • XML output changes, recordID and href/xlink attributes to row entities now exist in meta section, making this format consistent with other RESTfm formats.

2.1.1 (Released 2013-08-14)

  • RESTfmSync:
    • Fix an issue with the SyncUTC field not being set for local records.
    • Update documentation for extra search criteria.
    • Add an error trap for the default server detail.

2.1.0 (Released 2013-08-06)

  • New sample code folder with full source code : RESTfm/code
  • Now comes bundled with RESTfmSync : code/RESTfmSync. RESTfmSync is a fast data synchronisation framework for use between FileMaker Pro/Go and FileMaker Server.
  • FastSpring validation tool : code/FastSpring/Validate
  • Full CRUD demonstration PHP code : code/RESTfmCRUDDemo
  • Minor bug fixes.

2.0.2 (Released 2013-07-02)

  • Add override of POST/PUT upload format to application/x-www-form-urlencoded with RFMurlencoded query string flag, while still allowing determined format for result.
  • Relax SSL test failure to warning for time-outs on Windows Server in report.php
  • Update report.php installation instructions for Mac OSX Mountain Lion.

2.0.1 (Released 2013-06-13)

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Check XSL PHP extension in report.php
  • Add support for JSON pretty printing where PHP < 5.4.0

2.0.0 (Released 2013-06-06)

  • Add cross-site HTTP support (CORS) for use with web applications in multi-domain environments.
  • Add simple XSLT export format for systems incapable of JSON or XML.
  • Add field meta data table to record output.
  • Add support to show fully qualified URL for container fields (FMS 12 and up).
  • Extend info section to include a list of field names in layout, independent of any records returned.
  • Extend XSLT support to present xsl:output method as content type.
  • Bug fix: layouts with dots in name were truncated.
  • Add field-level REST URI for individual field access.
  • Add work around to FileMaker's buggy 'Insert From URL' function by double encoding bad characters. The RFMfixFM01 query string flag is used to signal the use of this non-standard percent-encoding method.
  • Add RFMappend flag for PUT operations. Allows appending submitted data to existing field data.
  • All HTTP response codes (under RESTfm control) now returned in response info table in determined format.
  • Add a field=value replacement for recordID in RESTfm URIs, where value must be unique and match only a single record. (a.k.a. unique-key-recordID).
  • Add RFMelsePOST flag for Record level PUT operations. Allows a Layout level POST (create) operation to be executed if the recordID does not already exist.
  • Optional pretty printing of the native XML and JSON formats.
  • Fix report.php installation instructions for Mac OSX Lion Server.

1.1.0 (Released 2012-08-23)

  • Add script and pre-script support to layout and record CRUD operations.
  • Add OSX Snow Leopard specific instructions to report.php
  • Add report.php plain text to copy and paste report.php to support.
  • Add more diagnostic information to report.php

1.0.2 (Released 2012-07-18)

  • Improved installation instructions in report.php
  • Case sensitive URL fault for Darwin in report diagnostics.

1.0.0 (Released 2012-07-13)