RESTfm supports XSLT 1.1 to add custom formats to those already provided.

The .fmpxml format uses this mechanism. The .xslt files provided in RESTfm/lib/xslt/ may be used as the basis for other formats.

To add a custom format, say formatX:

  1. Craft an XSLT to export from RESTfm XML to formatX. This must be called formatX_export.xslt
  2. Craft an XSLT to import from formatX to RESTfm XML. This must be called formatX_import.xslt
  3. Install the .xslt pair into RESTfm/lib/xslt
  4. Add an entry to the 'formats' array in RESTfm.ini.php for formatX.
  5. Use the new format by appending .formatX to any RESTfm URI.